The Jessie Ball duPont Center, a gathering place for philanthropy and nonprofits in the heart of downtown Jacksonville, formally opened to the community in summer 2015. 

12 nonprofit organizations were moved into offices/tenant spaces before the end of 2015, bringing more than 200 new workers to downtown.  With these spaces being filled, all of the leasable areas on the three above-ground floors are used.  Negotiations are under way with prospective tenants for the available space on the lower level. 

 The Center is owned by the Jessie Ball duPont Fund, which invested $25 million in renovating the former Haydon Burns Library into an energy-efficient, state-of-the-art shared office space for local nonprofits.  The design was done by the notable Jacksonville firm - KBJ Architects - an extra special project for The firm as they are local to downtown and an intricate part of the development of the downtown we know today.   

 This was an extra special project for CFD as it is the local rep's former employer. Emi had the great opportunity to work with her old design team on consulting the floors.   All tenants were presented with wood and stone visual options from our Centiva Venue line.  This  offered the tenants a wide range of aesthetics and also kept their build-outs within budget and on schedule - a must for this nonprofit center. 

 In the common areas, such as stages and conference rooms, Centiva Event "Smoked Oak" was used to offer just a little more durability and because it had the closest fit for the true mid-century design of the original Hayden Burns Library.  

Project Details

Jacksonville, Florida
Specified By
KBJ Architects, Inc.
Flooring Contractor
Moyer Marble & Tile  (common areas) Spectra Contract(tenant spaces)
Market Segment
Public Spaces

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